Ilan Holdings

Ilan Holdings is a private fund focused on investing in early-stage Israeli companies.
It was founded in 2013 by Mr. Michael Ilan.
We value intelligence, integrity, and perseverance.
Our vision is to invest in companies which improve the world through innovation and creativity. We seek to form long-term partnerships with extraordinary entrepreneurs, who lead great teams in developing disruptive technologies that fulfill strong market needs.

As a private investment fund, we are here for the long haul. We offer a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, and surround ourselves with the best professionals to support us and our partners. We know that a revolutionary idea is only the beginning, and we help our portfolio companies chart their course and navigate the inevitable challenges to realizing their vision.

Michael Ilan (1933-2018)

Michael Ilan was an industrialist, entrepreneur and visionary.
Michael founded Isralift Group in his mid-twenties and headed it for over 50 years. Leading it to become one of the top elevator companies in Israel, with additional activities around the globe.
After selling Isralift Group to KONE Corporation in 2012, Michael focused on promoting Israeli-based innovation. Through Ilan Holdings, Michael made significant investments in nearly 20 startups in various fields, endeavoring to support excellent entrepreneurs in Israel engaged in valuable world-wide disruption.
Michael vision as an investor was to identify promising startups. Turning the world it into a better place, through renewable energy, industrial efficiency, pioneering therapeutics solutions and others.
Michael’s legacy is continuing through the ongoing activity and growth of Ilan Holdings and its portfolio companies.